For the purpose of this Agreement the following definitions mean:
1. "THE LENDER" means Local Rent a Car Tourist Service Sp. z o. o. represented by its employee.
2. "THE RENTER" means a person or an organization on behalf of whom/which this Agreement is signed.
3. "AUTHORISED DRIVER" means drivers additional to the RENTER that are approved and entered in the Agreement by the LENDER.
4. The RENTER shall ensure that all AUTHORISED DRIVERS comply with all terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Delivery and return:

1. The LENDER agrees to lend and the RENTER agrees to accept the vehicle as described in the Rental Agreement on the terms and conditions as specified in this Agreement. Cars are rented for full days (24 hours).
2. The rent shall start and end at the location or address specified by the LENDER in the Agreement.
3. The RENTER is obligated to return the vehicle with its registration card, keys, all tires, tools, radio and other accessories that were included in the vehicle. In addition, the car shall be in the same condition, and without any apparent defects as when it was delivered to the RENTER. Normal wear and tear is accepted. The vehicle shall be returned to the location specified in the Rental Agreement. The rented car shall be returned at the time specified in the Rental Agreement (no later then 3 hours). Otherwise, the RENTER shall pay for the next full day of rental.
4. Any additional time of the agreed rental period shall require prior authorization of the LENDER. Otherwise, the LENDER shall be entitled to take possession of the car at the Renter's expense, and charge the RENTER for the additional use of the car.


1. RENTER shall pay the charges as shown on the front page of the Agreement.
2. If demanded to do so, the RENTER shall pay all charges due under this Agreement, plus Value Added Tax and/or other taxes payable and required by the Polish law.
3. The RENTER should own and be able to present a valid credit card. If the credit card has been issued by a Polish bank, the LENDER has the right to request a deposit of PLN 7000,- (seven thousand zlotys). The deposit shall be paid by cash, bank transfer, a certified check or another credit card. The deposit may be used by the LENDER at any time while this agreement is in force if the RENTER does not comply with the rules and conditions of this contract.

Conditions of use:

1. Only the drivers named in the Rental Agreement may drive the rented car. Only permanently employed professional drivers or persons authorized by the firm may drive cars rented by firms.
The following conditions must be satisfied before driving the rental car:
- All drivers shall have a valid driver's license (international driver's license - applies to foreign drivers) for a period of at least 12 months, and be at least 21 years old to rent vehicles from Groups 0, A, B & B1, and 25 years old to rent vehicles from Group C and higher, at the time of rental.
- All drivers shall read and accept all terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.
2. Any person who is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or barbiturates shall not drive the rental vehicle.
3. The RENTER and all authorized drivers shall comply with all statutory regulations of the use of the rented car.
4. The RENTER must not:
- Actively engage in motor sport events.
- Travel abroad without appropriate written approval from the LENDER
- Carry goods or other values that are illegal in the court of the Polish law.
5. During the rental period, the RENTER shall regularly check engine oil and coolant levels and tire pressure. Failure to do so, shall make the RENTER liable for any damages that may have occurred as results of such negligence.
6. The vehicle shall be returned with a full tank. Otherwise, the RENTER shall be charged for refueling the vehicle and resulting service fees.


1. In case of an accident (with or without damage to the vehicle), the RENTER shall notify the police and insist that the accident is recorded by the police. The LENDER shall be informed immediately. All evidence (witnesses, traces) shall be secured and names and addresses of parties involved in an accident shall be recorded. The RENTER shall help as much as possible in establishing causes of an accident as well as its chronology. The RENTER shall not take any actions, especially, acknowledging his/her responsibility for an accident by making financial settlements or claims to the other participants of an accident. By taking such, or similar actions, the RENTER may jeopardize his/her insurance coverage.
2. If, for any reason the rental car, or other vehicle being a subject of the Rental Agreement becomes, for whatever reason, unusable, the LENDER shall have the right, at its discretion and not otherwise, to replace such vehicle with a substitute vehicle of similar seating capacity and performance. If an alternative vehicle is not available, or if the LENDER declines to provide it, the RENTER shall receive a credit in the amount of he unused portion of the rental contract. In addition, the RENTER shall have no other claims of any kind against the LENDER.
3. The LENDER accepts no responsibility for delays and/or other losses resulted from vehicle breakdowns and random circumstances.


1. In case of repairs, the nearest specialized repair shop shall be consulted. Any repairs exceeding the amount of EUR 200 (USD 150) shall require the approval of the LENDER.
2. If a breakdown or damage in the rental vehicle occurs, the RENTER shall inform the LENDER immediately, and should not continue driving the damaged vehicle.


1. The LENDER provides personal liability insurance coverage. The insurance policy is attached to the vehicle registration card and shall be handed to the RENTER.
- Collision Damage Waver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) are optional. The LENDER offers both options at fixed daily rates. If the RENTER declines to purchase of:
- CDW - Renter's responsibility for a damage to a rental vehicle or its accessories is limited to the total value of the car.
- TP - in case of a stealing of the vehicle, the Renter is liable for the total value of the car.
Insurance does not cover any damages and/or theft of the vehicle if:
- the vehicle is used without the LENDER's permission;
- the driver runs away from the place of an accident;
- the car keys and the vehicle registration card are left inside the rental car.


In case of a damage or theft of the rental vehicle, the RENTER will be charged a fee of 150 EUR (200 USD) + 23% VAT.The fee is non refundable and non negotiable.
In case of stealing of the rental vehicle, the RENTER will be charged a fee of 600 EUR (750 USD) + 23% VAT. The fee is non refundable and non negotiable.
If, in case of stealing of the rental car, the original car keys and/or the vehicle registration card are not returned to Local Rent a Car Tourist Service, the RENTER shall reimburse the total value of the vehicle.

Other Information:

1. The rental charges include: unlimited mileage (unless specified otherwise), insurance, maintenance, breakdown service, and engine oil.
2. All rental charges include 22% VAT (Value Added Tax).
3. Additional agreements or addendums to the Rental Agreement shall require the LENDER's approval in writing.
4. The LENDER has a right to store, in his records, RENTER's personal data. In case of default or providing false personal documents, personal data of the RENTER may be forwarded to a warning file.
5. If the RENTER is a merchant party or he/she does not have a legal residency status in Poland, the location for all claims arising from and in connection with this agreement shall be the LENDER's domicile.
6. All disputes, which may arise out of or in connection with this agreement, shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court having responsibility for such matters at the capital of the country of residence of the LENDER.

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